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Hi! My name is Diya Goyal. An 18 year old who finds art exceptionally therapeutic. I am an undergraduate, pursuing communication designing from IIAD, Delhi. I am an artist and a gift maker based in Patna and the founder of The Art Attack- an art studio which was created to disperse my love for art to you all. What started off as a creative instagram outlet and passion project, led me to discover my potential for growth after having served 50+ happy clients in the past three months.

The work that i do comprises pop art portraits, impasto art, gift boxes, canvas and other paintings, diaries, journals, sketchbooks, greeting cards, bookmarks and much more! Also to give an edge, we bring you the chance to customize your products in every way you wish to. Your thoughts and our efforts will get you your best desired product. We sell our products at best quality and wallet-friendly prices. 

Invest in handmade gifts and get the exact replicas of what you envisaged them. They convey the sentiments of your love to your loved ones effortlessly.

I have stepped a level up towards my dream and i am looking forward to serving you all ardently. Thanks for stopping by. Happy shopping!

Love, Diya